Fitness and Nutrition Apps on Android Tablets for the Elderly

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In the digital age, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. For the elderly, this is no exception. With the advent of Android tablets, a plethora of fitness and nutrition apps have become available that can significantly improve the quality of life for seniors. These apps are designed to be user-friendly and cater to the specific needs of older adults.

Fitness Apps for Seniors

Fitness is crucial at any age, but it becomes increasingly important as we grow older. Regular exercise can help seniors maintain their independence, improve balance and mobility, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases1.


One such app is Medisafe2. This app helps older adults manage their medications and get reminders. Users simply input their prescriptions and timings, and Medisafe creates a visual schedule complete with images of each pill and a list of potentially harmful interactions.

Mighty Health

Another excellent fitness app for seniors is Mighty Health1. This app provides a health coach that creates a personalized plan for each user. It offers low-impact exercises that are easy on the joints, as well as heart-healthy nutrition plans.


Flip50 is another app that aims to help every person fifty and older create a healthy lifestyle1. The guided lifestyle program gives users weekly plans tailored to their needs, including custom weekly menus, activity plans, and stress relief/self-care tips from experts.

Nutrition Apps for Seniors

Proper nutrition is equally important for seniors. A balanced diet can boost immunity, improve mental acuity, increase energy levels, and manage weight3.

MyPlate Calorie Counter

MyPlate Calorie Counter is one of the best overall nutrition apps available3. It helps users track their calorie intake and provides valuable nutritional information to guide healthy eating habits.


Noom is another excellent nutrition app designed by psychologists1. Unlike many other apps that focus on short-term goals, Noom focuses on life-long results. It uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help users develop healthy eating habits.


In conclusion, Android tablets offer a wide range of fitness and nutrition apps that can greatly enhance the quality of life for seniors. These apps provide valuable tools to help seniors stay active, eat healthily, and manage their medications effectively. So why wait? Start exploring these apps today!

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