Convenient Shopping with Smartwatch Payment Features

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Smartwatches have become a massive asset to people looking to simplify their lives with convenient access to music, voice and text commands, and even paying for your morning coffee1. One of the features that have risen in popularity is contactless payment. This article explores the use of smartwatch payment features for convenient shopping.

Understanding Contactless Payment in Smartwatches

Contactless payment is easy to use and easy to set up. It allows you to store the information for credit and debit cards safely onboard your smartwatch’s hardware1. The technology that allows for this to work is reliable and already built into most phones and smartwatches.

The technology that contactless payment is based on is called NFC, or Near Field Communication. This telecommunication protocol allows for communication between two electronic devices at a short distance1. NFC is relatively reliable and safe. Because the range for connection is so small, it makes taking advantage of the protocol difficult. This is why it is generally safe to use it with highly sensitive data like card information and electronic identification.

Smartwatches with NFC Support

Most major smartwatch manufacturers will have NFC available on their devices1. Here are a few to look out for that allow for contactless payment:

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple’s latest addition to its smartwatch line utilizes Apple Pay for contactless payments1.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung’s take on the smartwatch comes packed with functionality, including NFC for payments through Samsung Pay1.

Garmin Venu Smartwatch

Besides being known for creating things like GPS systems, Garmin has produced some very well thought out and functional watches, including this model that features Garmin Pay1.


With just a simple setup, you can start leaving your wallet at home and start using this convenient feature1. Whether you’re paying for your morning coffee or shopping at your favorite store, your smartwatch has got you covered.

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